Friday Night Reiki Share Meetup Torrance

After practicing Reiki for years and teaching, I’ve realized there was something missing between the different levels of formal Reiki training. I used to go to Reiki Share MeetUps and it felt good to be with like minded people, practicing Reiki to each other and meditating. After a year attending, I noticed I wasn’t learning much from the meditation and Reiki share. I  just enjoyed the social aspect of it. My growth as healer started by practicing meditation daily and practicing Reiki on co-workers, friends, and later on, with my clients.

This is why I’ve created Friday Night Reiki Share and MeetUp, a space where we practice meditation, give Reiki to each other (which are the Reiki foundations), and learn new Energy Healing methods and techniques we can all apply in our Reiki practices. It’s a place where students, practitioners and even Reiki masters, can come to keep learning and growing as healers. It’s a Continuing Education Reiki MeetUp Group!

Our meetings format consists of:

  • 15 min meditation
  • 15 min of a new topic presentation
  • and 90 min giving and receiving Reiki

I’ll be sharing the techniques I use to successfully treat people with Leukemia; the methods and approaches I’m using now to treat women breast cancer, or what I’ve been using on people to eliminate chronic pain, in the Pain Management clinic I practice. I’ll share everything I learned from other great Energy Healers like my teacher Alberto Amura, Adam McLeod (The Dreamhealer), several friends and more!

During these meetings, I’ll also talk about:

  • Healthy Living,
  • “How to Live Life”
  • Healing Visualization
  • Different Meditation Techniques

I encourage you to participate regularly in your local Reiki Share group, and when you are the South Bay, Los Angeles area, I invite you to come to our Friday Night Reiki Share-MeetUp!

Carlos Caridad
Reiki Master Practitioner
Teacher, Educator, Speaker


To join my Reiki Share Meetings, please click here:

Friday Night Reiki Practitioners Meetup Torrance

Torrance, CA
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