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“Carlos is truly a gifted soul. Regardless of your past trauma, he makes you feel relaxed and at ease immediately in his presence. I felt lighter and at peace immediately after the first session. Carlos’s ability to truly heal is amazing. I had held deep-seeded anger for three years and felt such relief for the first time after visiting with Carlos. Just go – no matter what your situation is, you will benefit from this gentle healer.”

~ Amy

“I am a certified Reiki master who has not practiced in years except on myself and family. Like all of us, there are times when I feel depleted or overwhelmed with responsibilities and the current state of our world. I am VERY careful who I will work with in any kind of energy healing due to some bad experiences.

After a lot of research, I felt most connected to seeing Carlos and I am so glad I did.

He has a very quiet and humble demeanor which immediately put me at ease. I’ve become skeptical and even cynical at times over the past decade, especially with new age workers, but Carlos has a unique gift where I not only had visions, I could tangibly feel the energetic shifts taking place while he and a troop of spirit guides helped to ground me and bring me back into balance.

There is something very old and divine in his healing style that I deeply resonated with.

Highly recommend his services to anyone!”

~ Jen

Serenity’s three session testimonial:

Healing Session #1 – August 24th, 2015

“I was a little nervous to go to my appointment as I didn’t know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind and open heart.

I met Carlos and I felt that he had good calming energy which immediately made me feel comfortable. He had me lie on the bed of crystals for about 20 minutes in a meditative state. I was amazed at how quickly I felt relaxed. My body felt heavy and then very light.

Carlos had me lie on the main bed where he performs his healing. This was a powerful experience that I had never endured before. His hands were very warm and I could feel all the negative energy being depleted from my body and mind.

The most intense feelings I got was when Carlos put his hands over my head, stomach and feet. I had tingling sensations like energy waves being transmitted and jolts of them whenever he hovered his hands over my stomach. At the end of the session, I was absolutely shocked at how relaxed I felt. It was something I never felt before. I am usually full of energy, a little hyperactive, and at times feel quite stressed.

After the session, it was like all of my stress was washed away and I felt so calm and at peace. I noticed a huge difference in my breathing patterns as well as the tone in my voice as to how calm and soft spoken I was even days after my session.”

Healing Session #2 – August 28th, 2015

“After my first session with Carlos, I was really looking forward to the next one and curious as to if I was going to have the same experience as the first time.

Carlos had me do the same as before; to lie on the bed of crystals and then move to the healing bed.

This session was even more powerful than the last. I had felt the same feelings of tingling and jolts, but this time they were a little more intense and in more areas.

The ending results of this session was quite similar to the first, but more powerful. I felt very calm and that nothing could bother me.

Carlos even gave me advice on breathing and meditation techniques to keep my chakras balanced.”

Healing Session #3 – September 4th, 2015

“My third session with Carlos was an amazing one and I felt like I had reached a spiritual awakening and moment of realization.

The session began with the bed of crystals, but this time I was lying on top of a special cloth (a grounding conductive cloth). I don’t know the name of this material, but I do remember how I felt while I was on it for 20 minutes. I felt more grounded and glued to the bed; it was like an energy pulling affect, which was pretty amazing.

Lying on the main healing bed, this time Carlos used crystals during the healing process. He put stones on each chakra and began his magic. The crystals that were placed on me felt fine at first (normal cold crystals), but once he started to perform his healing, it was a whole different experience. Wherever he put his hands over, it felt like that crystal was shaking/vibrating intensely.

The one that I felt the most was the crystal on my forehead. I felt a discomfort feeling, but didn’t want to ask Carlos to remove it because I felt that it was actually helping me. I remember crying a little (just tears rolling down my face) because I started to feel all the stress, anxiety, and pain from my past lifting away and making me come to a realization.

Instead of only feeling energy waves on my head, stomach and feet, I felt them everywhere and it was intense. It was an experience that brought up so many different feelings and emotions that I didn’t know were there.

At the end of the session, I felt very relaxed, relieved and awakened. It was such a beautiful experience that I am so grateful to have had. It made me acknowledge the things I have in life that I am grateful for and made me realize what my priorities in life should be. This is something I will never forget.”

“Carlos is a true healer and I consider him a mentor. Not only has he healed me, but he has taught me so much in the three sessions I’ve had with him. He is a beautiful human being and I am so grateful to have met him. I will continue to see Carlos for more healing sessions and spiritual guidance. He is simply the best. Namaste. “

~ Serenity

“It was absolutely great, my first time experience and I was finally able to eat after three days.”

~ Cynthia

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