From an Electronics Engineer to an Energy Healer!

Carlos Caridad is an energetic intuitive healer, teacher, speaker and visionary. In his background we find Yoga practices (meditation, pranayamas and asanas) since early age, music (he plays piano, keyboards, flutes, Indian harmonium, tablas -Indian drums-), wellness through nutrition and living foods, leadership development, teaching and energy healing.Carlos Caridad Reiki Energy Heaiing

As Intuitive healer, he has been trained in clearing energy blockages techniques as well as Reiki and other Energy Healing modalities. Carlos also holds a Masters degree in electronics engineering and science, and extensive internet/video marketing training and practice.

Carlos is also fascinated with crystal healing and he incorporates a John of God Crystal Healing Bed in his practice and lectures.

Over 25 years of Pranayama practices has given Carlos the ability to understand how Energy works in our bodies and how to move Energy through his body as well as his clients, promoting self-healing and wellness.

Carlos is passionate about teaching Energy Healing and creating awareness of our spiritual/energetic nature.

He offers individual and group healing sessions in Los Angeles area, Energy Healing training workshops and speaking engagements.

His most recents speaking presentations were at:






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