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I became interested on energy healing when my 3 years old son ended up in an emergency room with an auto-immune health condition called “nephrotic syndrome”. His kidneys strop working, he couldn’t urinate and for a week he was getting blotted by the accumulation of fluids that are supposed to be eliminated by the kidneys through urine.

The best nephrologist of a prestigious children hospital from an also prestigious university said: “he will get over this condition when he becomes a teenager and his kidneys are grown enough to be able to withstand the immune system attacks”. We didn’t want to wait 10 or 15 years for our son to get well!

reikiAfter 6 months my wife and I decided to take the alternative way. We found an homeopathic doctor in India who specializes on children with nephrotic syndrome. He sent us the name homeopathic remedies by email and never charged us a penny! Even when we insisted! Homeopathy is a natural healing modality that works at an energetic level.

We also found at the same time another form of energy healing: an energetic clearing technique that can be received remotely or in distance sessions. It’s called The Quick Pulse, developed and taught by Jo Dunning.

This powerful combination of Homeopathy and The Pulse energetic work clearing technique (clears energetic blockages that sometimes are manifested as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health conditions) saved our son! He was free of the harmful side effects of steroids the conventional doctors forced us to use on him for over 6 months!

I studied Reiki with Alberto Amura, a Reiki master from the Usui Shiki Ryoho line. Alberto Amura, founder of Light Tide Services, lives in Brazil. He travels to teach and practice Reiki around the world, particularly to Switzerland, Germany, other European countries, and to Brazil and Argentina in Sud America.

I’m also a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, certified by International Center for Reiki Training lead by its President William Lee Rand.

I realized that by the time I completed my Reiki training and I became a Reiki master, I had about 25 years of training, waking up, moving and energizing my energy centers (main chakras along the spine and everywhere else in my body). This is the reason why learning and practicing Reiki was so easy and natural for me. Also why my first clients had great results and experiences from the beginning. A blessing in disguise!

I decided to start practicing Reiki formally not just as a hobby, encouraged by the wonderful reports of my clients and friends after they enjoyed my Reiki sessions. I enjoyed the sessions as much as they do!!!

Carlos Caridad- Reiki Master Los Angeles Torrance

When people ask me to explain “what is Reiki“, the best explanation I have is: “come for a session and you will know by your self!“. The main reason why this is my best description of what is Reiki is because everyone has a different experience and every time the energy work experience feels different too.

A little bit more about me

We Reiki practitioners are just a clear channel or conduits and instruments for “The Energy” to pass through us to the client. The less emotional involve we (the Reiki practitioners) are, the better “The Energy” flows. It requires training. Any body can learn it and be able to use it with proper training and practice.

I give Reiki sessions to Autistic children at “King Sound Voice and Movement“. This is an incredible place where the therapists put all their heart and love into the children’s training! It’s noticeable how well they responde to “The Reiki Energy”. It’s is beautiful for me to see and feel how well they feel after a Reiki session and the connection we make!

My first experience with an autistic child started with a handsome 15 years old, deep blue eyes boy. Our 1st session was just 15 minutes. It is usually enough and recommended to start with just 15 minutes of energy healing. Our 2nd session was close to 20 minutes, which was a big surprise for me due to the uncontrollable movements of his body during the first session. Our 3rd went to almost 30 minutes! because he went into the energetic-conscious sleep state of deep energetic relaxation that most people get into. It’s like a deep meditation state: you are concious and your body is so relaxed that feels numbed or “sleeping”.

I also practice at the Comprehensive Pain Relief Group, in Torrance, treating patients who have severe pain that usually do not respond to medications any longer. They love my Reiki sessions because they experience relief of their pain in just the first session. Reiki has been used extensively for pain management. (See my “Reiki and Pain Management” page).


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This energetic-conscious sleep state of deep energetic relaxation is just one of the various signs that the REIKI hands-on energy healing is in progress and the client is getting deep benefits from it. This relaxing state is usually called “sleep” state at a Reki session. You are conscious, very relaxed, aware of your surroundings and you don’t want to get “out” of that very-pleasant state! Some time clients fall into deeper states of relaxation and even have “dream like” experiences, very vivid and meaningful in most cases.

I practice a clearing technique called The Quick Pulse, developed and though by Jo Duning. It is a form of energy healing that do not require for the client to lay on a massage table like in Reiki. It’s not a hands-on energy healing technique. It works in a similar way with “The Energy” that Reiki and it intent is to remove energetic blockages: things you don’t want or like in your life, things you want to change  emotional energetic clearing, like a broken heart, emotional stress, work stress, relationships stress and problems and similar situations. I found this energy clearing technique very effective on clearing emotional blockages.

I also practice Reiki on animals, cats, dogs and horses. Animals respond very well and quickly to Reiki energy healing.

I’m working with an incredible group of therapist at King Sound Voice and Movement, who teach and train autistic children. We are doing a joint therapy study on the benefits and effects of listening and movement therapies and Reiki energetic healing.

I live and practice Reiki in Los Angeles, California. I’m an electronics engineer by formal training, digital marketing, video marketing and Internet marketing specialist, who loves outdoors, camping, hiking, running at the Manhattan Beach shores, exercising at the Manhattan Beach sand dunes, biking-running-exercising at the park, shooting pictures and videos, placing websites, blogs and YouTube videos on the first page of Google!

If you are not in Los Angeles area, you still can enjoy the benefits of a distance Reiki session.

Call me to try a free introductory Reiki session at 310.592.1813 or email me at carlos@reikienergyhealingla.org to experience these benefits!


Carlos D. Caridad
Reiki Master Practitioner
Teacher, Speaker, Educator

Carlos Caridad Reiki Energy Healing Training Los ANgfeles


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