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A Reiki Energy Healing session is a different energetic experience for everyone and every time for the same person. This video shows in 4 minutes & 45 seconds a summary of what 4 women and 3 men felt during their Reiki session:

What is Reiki?
Hands-On Energy Healing in Los Angeles – Video Testimonials

Some of these video testimonials were recorded right after the Reiki session. That is why they sound so real, authentic and  (on same of them) expressive!

Kelli-Reiki Healing-Los Angeles“When Carlos’ hands were held between my temples I felt the energy flowing almost like a barrel between… I can picture in my head there is this energy and this barrel of energy just flowing in between the fingers, almost like there was a gun hold to my head, except in a positive energy way.”

“My Reiki session was quite amazing. I love how it was relaxing, and going to this state of mind like it was a very deep sleep. I felt the energy working and I felt the heat in the beginning of the session before I passed out! 🙂 (joking)”

“I use the principles of Reiki in my work every day. When I come up with some one who blows my away in a Reiki session and lays me back, I want to be part of and have that person to be part of my world, my word and my (King Voice Sound and Movement) center.”

More Video Testimonials:

Distance Session

My Reiki session was like an energetic barrel held to my temples!

“This time the session was… the energy that I felt was more intense. I still fell that I’m almost floating right now.”

“When you had your hands right up here, on my temples, the energy flowing in between the two temples, it almost felt like there was a gun held up onto my head, but in a good way. Like just the energy was so intense that like almost I had to open my eyes and check what was going on.”

“And when you put your hands right here on my heart chakra, the energy was flowing and emanating so much that I almost felt that there were tremors of an earthquake that I could feel.”

“The whole experience was very exiting and rejuvenating to experience that energy flowing and know that it’s real inside your body.”
After the Reiki session:
“I feel very relaxed. I feel like I have no weight to my body at all. So I have to see what happens when I get up!

Reiki is a form of energy medicine or energy work that helps relief stress, anxiety, heart pain, chest pain, broken heart, pain management, rehab from drugs, smoking and alcohol, emotional trauma, joints pain and more.
Reiki has been successfully used by Dr. Oz before, during and after his heart surgeries to eliminate post surgery depression and organs transplant rejection


Chakras are energy centers we have all over our body, however there are 7 main ones along our spine.

One client’s experience on Chakra balancing:

Another client’s testimonial:

“Carlos, I don’t know what you did to Paola but we had the most magical and spectacular day!
We are full of love and life. Thanks, we had a magical sunset filled with love.

Thank Carlos I know it was a gift from you to us. A beautiful love is reborn. Thank you, thank you very much.
Carlos you have a beautiful gift! Honestly thank you, thank you!”

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“I know Carlos for a long time. I know the type of person he is. And Also through his studies in Reiki and his practice I was able to see how good he is into the energy healing.
He has inherited abilities to do healing. Today when he did his healing after becoming Reiki master practitioner, I felt the energy, I felt the relaxation, and above all I felt how he can connect with the person and be able to let flow that energy through the body.”

Guebri-Yoga posture camel Reiki healing los angelesAnd is was very, very powerful for me. Actually I do Bikram Yoga. There are certain poses in Bikram Yoga when they talk about your chakras and what not. My heart, was one was of my energy centers in my first Reiki session where emotions come out and I felt turning over from old to new. There is this particular (yoga) posture called the camel that I never do because I felt that my heart was ponding out of my chest!. After my first Reiki session with Carlos I went to Bikram and was able to do that pose without this (uncomfortable feeling in my chest!) and I knew that whatever was stuck in my heart chakra was gone; and I was able to do that pose ever since!”

“Especially because I am amazed of the heat is seems to come from his hands. You know it’s really quite incredible. I was convinced that it was just normal body heat and so I asked him to actually close his eyes and see if he could feel my hands. I concentrated actually, of course he couldn’t experienced it at all. He couldn’t feel any heat coming out from my hands. It is something phenomenal that I find it quite amazing.”

“At some times I didn’t know wether my eyes were open or if I was allowing them to open a little bit because I as having surges of light come. So at one point I did actually opened my eyes just to see even where Carlos was in the room and to see where all these ight sources and these energies were coming from and that was the most amazing part because I was feeling the most surges. I know Carlos was up to the side of me and he was no where near, his hands were just opened and I was feeling yet all these energy coming through me. I couldn’t quite explained it!”

“Oh, relaxed? (she laugh!) Oh Yah! Yes, you got to get scraped of the table as far as I concerned. That was a sign that I was very under (relaxed). Yes, there is definitely relaxation on this Reiki experience and it should be.”


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